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9/11 February 7, 2008

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if it hadn’t been 9/11, it would have been something else. i firmly believe that certain members of the “powers that be” were waiting on the sidelines for an opportunity to present itself that would allow them to advocate going to war in the middle east. when 9/11 happened, they had that opportunity. they took advantage of the fear that had taken over the entire nation and used it to fuel their cause… and we went to war. 9/11 happened in the beginning of my senior year in high school. half of my friends joined the marines before we even graduated. they were angry, and they wanted to do something, anything – and here was our government, telling them that they can take up the noble and righteous cause by serving their country – that they could help take down the terrorists… all for the greater good. when we were 17, 18… in the months after 9/11 – going to war seemed to be the only viable option. and we were fed just the right kinds of lies – or omissions of truth – to get us there… but in the end, we’re mired in a war that has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with greed, globalization, and idiocy. we haven’t done what every one of those boys that i knew in high school wanted to do – we haven’t caught bin laden, or thwarted al-qaeda, or put an end to terrorism. rather – we have lost bin laden – most likely forever (if he’s not already dead of old age), al-qaeda still operates, sneaking out like a poltergeist that we have no hope of catching, we’ve managed to further destabilize an already unstable nation, and terrorism? well – we’ve just given the terrorists more fuel for their recruiting efforts. this is why i am really angry about the war in iraq – because my government, the government that at the age of 17 i still had some faith in – lied to me and to the people that i loved, and used a monumental tragedy that shook the foundations of every house in america – to serve their own purposes – purposes that had nothing to do with that tragedy. and i know, i know – there are those who would say to me that it no longer matters why or how we got into iraq, what matters is that we’re there, and what we’re going to do now. i agree with part of that – that we need to look at what we’re going to do to get out of iraq in the best possible manner… the key words being get out. as for the why and how – if you care at all about the integrity of our government, if you care at all about the type of nation that your children and grandchildren and generations to come will grow up in – then the why and how matter.

as for 9/11 – yes, it was a tragedy – i can’t even begin to deny that. 7 years later i can still remember exactly where i was when i saw the second plane hit on the news…
but we act as though it’s the worst thing to happen in the history of the world – as though pain and suffering can only be felt by we americans… as though we’re so much more important than the rest of the world. and yet – terrorist attacks take the lives of hundreds of people all across the globe. genocide takes the lives of millions – darfur, rwanda, sierra leone… wars are waged and in them – there are children carrying automatic rifles, or machetes, or merely throwing rocks… there are families being torn apart by bombs… people dying every day – for our greed and the greed of those whose philosophies we condemn in public and yet secretly harbor ourselves.


where is my mind??? January 30, 2007

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you know… every night i sit outside smoking cigarettes and staring at what few stars i can see from the center of town. sometimes i think i’d give anything to live out in the middle of nowhere… some small town… where you look up and all you can see are millions of stars and stories of constellations told long before your existence was even dreamt of. but when the sky is clear and i can see the stars, i sit there and think… how thousands of years ago my anscestors were able to look up into the night sky and see the exact same stars that i’m looking at now. over the years the earth has shifted – mountains have crumbled, skyscrapers built and roads paved… and there’s very little here on earth to connect us to a time long since forgotten… but those stars are the same… they connect me to my history – what little is known of it… and it makes me feel like maybe it all does matter…

one of my mom’s best friends – kristen – who i’ve known all my life – used to have a younger brother. just over a week ago he died in iraq. our most high ruler wants to send 20,000 more troops to hell, and i wonder how many of them will never feel american soil beneath their feet again… never see their family again… i wonder how many americans will mourn. as for the rest – the ones who come home… i wonder how it will change them… my cousin jesse came back from it all a different person. there are things, inside of him… that stayed the same… but the things that changed weren’t for the better… and once a year when i see him at christmas, i find myself missing the cousin i once had – the one who always played big brother… my protector… he left a piece of himself in that desert sand. i wonder how many have died over there in this war… this “operation iraqi-freedom.” 3 years ago i stopped checking the death toll. 3 years ago it made me sick to my stomach. i don’t want to know what it is now. i wonder how many children have died… how many families have been ripped apart… but i suppose i shouldn’t sound so naive. if it wasn’t this – it would be something else. war will never end. world peace will never happen. i’m sorry to disappoint you miss america – but your platform is obsolete. but you know… i still have a little hope left in me for the fate of mankind. if i didn’t – what would be the point? and honestly – clinton could have let monica lewinsky suck him off on top of the presidential car in front of a catholic elementary school – i’ll take a democrat any day.


Politik October 23, 2006

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god, where do i even begin… our country… our government… is a joke. we’re supposed to be able to count on our leaders, and even though i’m a democrat, and strongly opposed bush’s first election “win”… i held onto a little hope that maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad republican president. it’s not like we haven’t had halfway decent ones… but i have to say… i’m disappointed… and ashamed. i’m ashamed to call george w. bush my president. it’s not just that the man’s an idiot who makes up words and is making his right-wing cronies proud by perfecting the conservative art of giving the most vague, nonsensical speeches in political history… it’s that he’s greedy, and stubborn, and proud… and i would expect more from someone who’s supposed to be the leader of the free world. oh, wait… maybe that’s the problem. we can’t honestly call ourselves the free world anymore. not since the patriot act. bush is a born and bred oil man. and for the few out there who still believe (or have been brainwashed into believing) that we went to war because of 9/11, or to free the iraqis from totalitarian rule… wake up. in 5 years, we’ve managed to… at last count get 2,804 of our boys (and women) killed… and more than 20,000 wounded. we haven’t caught osama bin laden. we had a chance to, when he was hiding in afghanistan, but we didn’t take it, and who knows where the hell he is now. yeah – we caught saddam hussein – starving and nearly dead in a military bunker. if we’d just given him a few more days he could have shot himself, classic hitler-style, and then we wouldn’t be watching him mock everything that we stand for, and everything that our troops think they’re fighting for, in nationally televised court trials. but there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq. no, north korea’s got those. of course – we can’t do anything about north korea because all of our resources are tied up in the middle east. imagine that. rather than liberate the iraqis, we’ve managed to throw them into a state of civil war. the thing is… there has been war and fighting in the middle east for centuries. since the dawn of human existence. and it’s not a war fought over oil, or weapons… it goes deeper than that. to things that we, as americans, can’t even begin to understand. we’ve lost our history. for most of us, if we’re lucky, it only goes back a couple hundred years. but the people there… they have roots that go back thousands of  years. they fight for freedom – a thing that we’ve devalued in our self-serving attempts to bestow it upon others. they fight for religion – something few of us truly understand. they fight for honor, and for their own blood… how ignorant we must be… to think that we could save them from something that we can’t even begin to understand. but maybe if we cared about understanding it, if our true objective had been their freedom in the first place… maybe we could have done some good. but it’s too late for that. operation iraqi freedom isn’t about freedom at all. it’s about power. they have something that we want. and if it kills our men to get it – well, we justify it by saying that they knew they might die when they signed up. if it turns iraq into a bloodstained killing field… well… what do we care? we were doing it for their own  good, right? we want their oil. somebody high up in the government had the bright idea that if we could just bring down saddam, and get one of our own puppets elected to run the iraqi government, and give the iraqis our warped version of freedom… then we could control the country, and in turn, the country’s oil supply. and so, i am ashamed of my president. this war… it’s just a desert version of vietnam. when in the hell are we going to pull out? when we run out of resources? the right-wing politicians talk all the time about strengthening the defense budget… well then how about using some of that money to actually help our troops defend themselves? how about giving them updated gear? gas masks that work and aren’t missing pieces. humvees that are reinforced so they can stand up to the strength of a bullet. kevlar. we give our president that much. and what has he ever given us? certainly not freedom, protection, or honesty. if this was about freedom or weapons, we’d be in africa, or north korea… but we’re in the middle east. so that dubya can make his daddy proud by finishing something the first bush never should have started in the first place.